How To Get Microsoft Office For Free? [5 Easy Ways]


Microsoft Office's yearly plan starts from $70, but many people don't wish to spend this much on software. Microsoft Office, despite offering future free app updates, still seems to be a valuable value product for single-time purchases. But why spend money when you get it for free?

When you buy a Windows laptop, it includes Microsoft Office preinstalled. Mac users and other operating systems must buy Microsoft Office to use the applications. Individuals and businesses widely use Microsoft Office software like presentations, word, excel sheets, Outlook, Teams, OneDrive, etc. Microsoft Office applications have become standard applications for working in many businesses.    

Microsoft Office Online In a Browser

If you receive a word format file that needs Microsoft Word, you need an application to open it. Downloading the free version will only open the file contents in the reading mode. You can't edit anything in the document because of no active subscription.

The quickest way to open any Microsoft Office document is to go to and make your Microsoft account. After making your Microsoft account, sign in and select the application you want to open. That's it; use the application without any subscription. But please note that since it works on the web, it's important since it's not the classic Microsoft software.

Sign Up For a Free Month's Trial

Microsoft gives a one-month free trial full access to all the software, with 1TB of OneDrive storage to store your data. To use the Microsoft Office trial, go to Microsoft Office and click on "Try One Month Free." You need to make your Microsoft Office account, fill in your credit card details, and select the plan of choice.

Don't worry; you won't be charged until the trial period is exhausted. You can cancel the Microsoft subscription plan anytime or continue if you want to continue with the paid services. It is the best option if you want to use Microsoft Office for a limited period.       

Microsoft Office Free As a Student or Teacher.

Many educational institutions pay their teachers and students for Microsoft Office 360 plans. To know if your educational institute participates in the service, go to the official website of MS Office. Enter your educational institution's name and search if it's listed.

Free Office App on IOS/Android Smartphones And iPad.

Office application is free on iOS and Android devices. But people don't use it because of its limited features and interface. But it gives you free access to Office.   

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Microsoft 365 Home Plan

Office 365 is a sharing subscription plan for MS Office. This plan starts from $70 for a single person to $100 for six people subscription sharing. The home plan becomes cheaper because of the splitting of a single subscription into many members up to 6. Microsoft 365 Home Plan

The member who pays for the subscription can share the subscription with an invite link generated for five people, and members can use the subscription and create their Microsoft account. Each user gets free separate 1TB One Drive storage, which Microsoft Office offers.

Microsoft Office Free Alternatives

There is much other free software you can in replace Microsoft Office. Here is the list of software as follows:

     Libra Office: It is open-source software that can access all the file extensions of Microsoft Office, like .pptx, .word, .doc, and .xlsx. Its user interface is much like Microsoft Office apps.

     Apple iWork: You can use Apple software Pages, Numbers, Sheets which is free of cost for a lifetime and comes only in Apple iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks.

     Google Docs: It is a free Google app accessible to everyone for Microsoft Office replacement. Google account requires all-time internet connectivity.


We have discussed tried and tested methods of using Microsoft Office for free. Now you'll be able to use Microsoft Office on your laptop (mac/windows) and smartphone (iOS/android). We have included FAQs to resolve all the queries.    

Frequently Asked Questions

What are software apps in Microsoft Office?

Office includes many apps. Some of the apps are as follows:






What is the difference between the 2021 Office one-time purchase and a Microsoft 365?    

Microsoft Office is a one-time purchase by an individual, and 365 subscriptions are for multiple users sharing the subscription.


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